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The new revolutionary weight loss method.

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Internist Drs. Marit van Boreen
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This new weight loss method can mean a lot to many people!

How does medical weight loss work?

New! Now also in the Netherlands.

The medicine was developed in Denmark and now a great success in America: losing weight with injections. The results are absolutely revolutionary. The action of the medicine administered weekly via a mini injection is based on the action of a satiety hormone (GLP-1). This stimulates the release of insulin, produces a feeling of satiety and slows gastric emptying:

  • It makes you feel less hungry.
  • Combined with healthier eating and increased exercise, participants lose a significant amount of weight.
  • The entire treatment process takes place under medical supervision and guidance.
  • There is daily/weekly contact and you will visit the clinic every month for progress.

Everything together to achieve the best result for you.

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Amsterdam (HQ) – Rijswijk – Rotterdam – Utrecht – London – Düsseldorf – Zürich – Antwerp – 

Amsterdam (HQ) – Rijswijk – Rotterdam – Utrecht – London – Düsseldorf – Zürich – Antwerp – 

Amsterdam (HQ) – Rijswijk – Rotterdam – Utrecht – London – Düsseldorf – Zürich – Antwerp – 

Amsterdam (HQ) – Rijswijk – Rotterdam – Utrecht – London – Düsseldorf – Zürich – Antwerp – 

Amsterdam (HQ) – Rijswijk – Rotterdam – Utrecht – London – Düsseldorf – Zürich – Antwerp – 

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Drs. Marit van Boreen

Internist (BIG-nr 09065920001)

Anne Moazzeni

Overweight specialist

Souna Tabboush

Overweight specialist

With StopOverweight I can
lose 10% of my body weight in 2 to 3 months.



Losing weight with the latest innovation!


Medical intake at the beginning of the treatment


Scientifically and medically proven


Lose an average of 1 kilogram per week in the first eight weeks

How many kilos do you want to lose weight?

1 to 5 kg
5 to 10 kg
10 to 15 kg
15 to 20 kg
more than 20 kg


55 years - I gained 15 kilos after menopause.

I wanted to keep doing the cozy evenings with my husband Theo, a wine, some hearty snacks.  But I noticed that my weight was increasing since the transition. For years I was on various diets. Sportfasting and from the Atkins to the Montiac diet.  I kept yo-yoing with my weight and recognized myself less and less in the mirror. I was so done with counting calories. Now that I have started the StopOverweight program I am enjoying life to the fullest again. The weekly injections ensure that I am much less hungry and in combination with sports I am losing weight. I am comfortable in my own skin again!


StopOverweight’s weekly mini injections are similar to the insulin injections often used by diabetes 2 patients. In consultation with StopOverweight’s medical practitioner, participants begin with a low starting dose. Thereafter, the dose is adjusted weekly based on feelings of hunger, weight loss and possible side effects. The medicine regulates participants’ appetite daily by reducing the feeling of hunger and increasing the feeling of satiety. The mini injections are available only by doctor’s prescription. The medicine carry the official approval of the Health Care Authority.


In recent years, more and more GLP-1 drugs have come on the market that are proving to be very effective. And with success. StopOverweight introduces a new revolutionary treatment with weekly mini-injections based on GLP-1s. This makes surgical procedures such as a gastric balloon less necessary. Attached is a comparative scientific study of two different types of GLP1 agonists.


Much research has been done in recent years on the effect of synthetic GLP-1s against obesity by research departments and universities. In a recent literature review (published May 2022 in The Lancet and reproduced in, among others, the Dutch IVM newsletter) 143 studies were listed. This so-called meta-analysis examined the additional effect of drugs on weight, when applied – as usual – in combination with lifestyle interventions (GLI).


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    No time to eat differently or exercise more?

    StopOverweight works with new innovative medication that you self-administer weekly under medical supervision. This medication greatly reduces the feeling of hunger and also ensures that your stomach emptying slows down. This automatically causes you to eat less and not think about the next meal all day long. This gives peace of mind and body.


    Medical weight loss at StopOverweight is always under medical supervision.  There is a medical intake where participants complete a questionnaire and then have a meeting with the StopOverweight specialist. Participants have weekly contact with their regular practitioner. Every month, participants come to the clinic for check-ups and weigh-ins. Together we keep a close eye on the progress of weight loss. As well as possible complaints during treatment. A lifestyle coach can also be part of the treatment team.

    M.C. Van Boreen, Internist.

    BIG-nr 09065920001

    StopOverweight treatments

    What options are available?

    45 days

    Lose up to 5 kilos

    You want to lose weight and stay slim.

    For your personal treatment program, we recommend that you contact our dietician / lifestyle coach. They can help you adjust your exercise and diet so that you lose weight and then maintain it. You will receive a counseling session and a personalized counseling report (so no drug treatment).

    €395,- one-time

    Call +31 858 200 200 for more information or a no-obligation appointment.

    100 days

    Lose 5 to 15 kilos

    You want to take a big step in weight loss.

    For this, you must qualify for StopOverweight’s medical treatment program. This includes a medical intake and medical counseling combined with lifestyle advice. You do it together with the StopOverweight team.

    €575,- per month

    Call +31 858 200 200 for more information or a no-obligation appointment.

    180 days

    Lose more than 15 kilos

    You want to seriously address your excess weight.

    Because you are entering a special treatment program at StopOverweight, we would like to guide you as best we can with medication, exercise and your daily diet. The expert StopOverweight team will guide you on a daily basis. You are not alone.

    €675,- per month

    Call +31 858 200 200 for more information or a no-obligation appointment.

    Starting the weight loss program

    To qualify for use of the weight loss drug, you begin by making an appointment at StopOverweight for a medical intake. Blood tests are a standard part of this. StopOverweight treatment is only prescribed if you are significantly overweight. Also, at the medical intake, your personal motivation for the treatment program will be important.

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