What is StopOverweight?

StopOverweight optimizes weight management and weight loss with an eating, exercise and sleep plan combined with medical treatment.

Can anyone participate?

StopOverweight’s treatment program is for individuals with a BMI > 27. Blood tests and the intake are standard components of the treatment program. Medical counseling is aimed at minimizing the possible side effects of the medication and at self-efficacy of the clients.

What is the advantage of this method over other lifestyle programs such as dieting?

There are many lifestyle programs for weight loss. StopOverweight’s integrative treatment program is based on a new EMA and FDA approved drug for weight loss. Clients quickly experience positive results without drastically changing their lifestyle. The intensive and personal counseling provided by StopOverweight physicians provide a boost in clients’ motivation.

What are the costs for the treatment program?

The total cost for the treatment program is €675 per month. The costs for consultations, medication, blood pressure measurements and body analysis are all-in. The costs for the blood test can be charged to your health insurance company.